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Gonzalo Perez, Jr., P.A.  
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  7915 Coral Way  
  Miami, Florida  33155  
• Phone  (305) 265-8228  
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Business Law

We help our clients in their efforts to start or maintain a business.  We assist our clients by explaining the different forms of business entities in an effort to provide the client with a clear understanding of the options available to the client both in the corporate or partnership selection process.  This includes an understanding of the need for any additional agreements between the partners.  Additionally, we represent clients in their purchase or sale of an ongoing in an attempt to protect the client from any unwanted liens, judgments, violations, etc. that may create a problem for the client’s new business.  We can form business entities, such as LLCs or corporations, draft and review shareholder’s agreements, membership agreements, contracts, draft buy/sell agreements, asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements.  We also represent and assist our clients in asset protection planning.